Helion Capital

Turning Aspirations into Achievements

About Us

Who are we?

Helion Capital, strategically located in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), stands as a prominent venture capital firm. With a legacy marked by successful growth since 1999, we have consistently showcased our expertise in identifying and nurturing innovative ventures.

Our esteemed team consists of top-tier professionals from both the MENA region and Europe, each bringing a wealth of expertise and strategic insight. We are not only dedicated to identifying and nurturing innovative ventures but also adept at creating bespoke financial products and financial advisory that are regulated and unregulated that are tailored to meet specific market needs and opportunities.


Helion Capital aspires to ascend as a preeminent entity in the global venture capital ecosystem, characterized by our strategic investment acumen and the introduction of innovative financial products. We envision a future where our firm is synonymous with transformative financial solutions, each meticulously crafted to address complex market dynamics and foster the growth of innovative enterprises.


Helion Capital is committed to a dual focus: investing in promising innovations and developing tailored financial products that address specific market dynamics. We strive to empower enterprises with both the capital and financial tools necessary to navigate and excel in the competitive market.

Core Values


Each member of the team brings different strengths and a professional perspective to the table. Working together in harmony creates the holistic team we are, in all important aspects.


The management has many years of experience in the investment field and has been successful in the past. Combined with the expertise of the investment committee, who helps round off the company's profile.


Focusing on our strengths: venture capital and venture building, specifically in the areas of tokens, fintech, blockchain, and equity. We leave everything else for its selected specialists.


We, as general partners, share the risk with our partners, investing our capital in all selected projects as well. This results in us always speaking with one voice to meet mutual expectations based on trust and partnership values.


We are a stable and predictable partner interested in long-term relationships and investments. Our word counts even in difficult times, and strong ethical principles are non-negotiable.

Diversity and Inclusion

We thrive and grow stronger by bringing different lived experiences and a range of backgrounds & cultures into a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity.